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Achieve an instant eye-lift and eliminate mascara entirely with gorgeous Classic Eyelash Extensions,

Henna Brow Tattooing and Eyebrow Sculpting.  





Create natural looking full & long lasting eyelash extensions with Semi-permanent lashes. We use a precision eyelash grafting technique for a stronger hold and longer wear. These lashes can last up to 4 weeks or the life of your own natural lash. They are made from a premium silk fiber and are very light wearing.


  • Semi permanent eyelashes that can last up to 4-6 weeks.
  • Weightless, with a natural look and feel.
  • Painless, relaxing procedure.
  • Water resistant so you can swim or shower worry free.
  • Lengthens and thickens without need for mascara.
  • Medical grade 'FORMALDEHYDE FREE' glue - suitable for the most sensitive eyes!



Classic Lashes is the art of placing one lash extension onto one natural lash.  We select the correct lash curl, length & diameter to be applied to the natural lash to ensure the health of your natural lashes while creating a beautiful look. 


Classic Lashes 'Signature' Full Set $150 (1.5 hours).

Classic Lashes 'Wing/Cats Eye' Half Set $75 (45 minutes) - lash tint recommended.

Refill Classic 2 weeks $95 (60 minute).

Refill Classic 3 weeks $115 (1 hour 15 minutes).



Hybrid lashes are a set of lashes consisting of both styles, Classic & Volume, so half of each style is applied.  This look is very lovely, creates a natural but fuller look!


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Full Set $199 (2 hour 15 mins).

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Half Set $99 (60 minutes).

Refill Hybrid Lashes 2 weeks from $130 (1 hour 20 minutes).

Refill Hybrid Lashes 3 weeks from $160 (1 hour 40 minutes).

Refill Hybrid Lashes 4 weeks from $190 (2 hours).


BROW HENNA - Natural Brow Tint with a Tattoo Effect


The Brow Henna contains hydrolysed proteins, vitamin complex and anti-oxidants to help strengthen and restore hair growth and improves the natural condition of the eyebrow hair.  The perfect alternative for women who have over plucked brows or are still recovering from a nightmare waxing experience.


  • Natural eyebrow tinting with tattoo effect on the skin
  • Gentle and innovative formula
  • Lasting up to 14 days on the skin (dark colors)
  • Stays on the hair up to 6 weeks
  • No ammonia, lead or peroxide
  • Vegan and Cruelty free


brow henna $45

brow henna with eyebrow shape $70

brow henna with eyelash tint $70

brow henna with eyelash tint and brow shape $95


lash & brows

eyebrow tint $20

eyelash tint with a soothing pressure point head massage $25

eyebrow tint + shape from $40

eyelash tint + eyebrow tint $45

eyelash tint + eyebrow tint + shape $65


organicspa eye treatment 

rejuvenate, hydrate and firm

The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate there for puffiness and fluid retention is the number one cause of bags!  In this treatment we start with lymphatic drainage massage, a pre warmed nourishing and rehydrating mask whilst a soothing scalp massage is performed.

Ideal for fine lines, tired and puffy eyes.

30 minutes $45